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Group Fitness

CLICK HERE for our upcoming Group Fitness timetable – Effective from Monday 1 July 2024.

With over 60+ fun and highly motivating Group Fitness classes at Bayswater Waves, you’ll be certain to find the ones you love!

Not only will you enjoy any number of our land and water-based classes, you’ll become a part of our Group Fitness Community.

Inspired by our passionate instructors, you’ll lift, spin, squat, stretch, shimmy, push, box, dance and kick your way to achieving your fitness goals.

For more information about our Group Fitness Classes at Bayswater Waves, view our daily classes below, or download a full version of the timetable.

Bayswater Waves - Fitness Timetable

CLICK HERE for our upcoming Group Fitness timetable – Effective from Monday 1 July 2024.

TimeGroup Fitness RoomCircuit RoomSpin StudioAquatic
8:00amSilver Sneakers
9:30amBody Pump
5:30pmBody Pump
6:30pmBody Combat
7:30pmBody Balance
TimeGroup Fitness RoomCircuit RoomSpin StudioAquatic
6:00amTriple 15
11:00amSpecial Needs
6:30pmBody JamYoga (60 mins)
TimeGroup Fitness RoomCircuit RoomSpin StudioAquatic
9:30amBody Pump
10:30amBody Combat
5:30pmBody Pump
6:30pmBody Combat
TimeGroup Fitness RoomCircuit RoomSpin StudioAquatic
6:00amBody Pump
8:00amSilver Sneakers
10:30amMindful Movement
5:00pmYoga (90 mins)
TimeGroup Fitness RoomCircuit RoomSpin StudioAquatic
10:00amBody Balance
TimeGroup Fitness RoomCircuit RoomSpin StudioAquatic
8:00amBody PumpSpin
9:00amBody CombatTrampoline
10:00amBody Jam
11:00amYoga (60 mins)
TimeGroup Fitness RoomCircuit RoomSpin StudioAquatic
8:30amBody AttackRPM
9:30amBody Pump
10:30amBody Combat

Class Descriptions

Aqua: An all round aquatic workout, great for all levels and works on core stability and resistance

Aquanauts: For all fitness levels. A perfect for Over 50’s to have fun and create new friendships

HIIT: HIIT combines bursts of intense exercise with short breaks for rapid cardio fitness

Les Mills Body Attack: Body Attack is a high-energy fitness  class that combines athletic movements including; running, lunging, jumping, push-ups, squats and more

Les Mills Body Balance: Ideal for all fitness levels, Body Balance is a yoga-based class that will help improve your mind, your body and your life

Les Mills Body Combat: Body Combat is a whole body workout that lets you punch and kick your way towards your fitness goals

Les Mills Body Jam: Body Jam is an addictive fusion of the latest dance moves with the hottest sounds guaranteed to make you sweat while having a blast

Les Mills Body Pump: Get lean, build strength and tone muscle with Body Pump, a science-backed barbell workout that trains all your major muscle groups

Les Mills RPM: Ride to the rhythm of powerful music. Take on the terrain of hills, flats, intervals and more

Metafit: A 30min high intensity, interval training class guaranteed to hit your fitness goals

Mindful Movement: Combining Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Qigong, MM increases movement and alignment

Pilates: This class focuses on maintaining alignment, joint stabilization, creates a balanced muscular tone by consciously improving posture, flexibility and developing core strength

Silver Sneakers: A great class for older adults, increase your strength, flexibility, bone density and fitness

Spin: Similar to Les Mills RPM with unique twists and playlists from our instructors!

Step: Step around a raised platform to boost your heart rate, breathing and muscular strength

Step/ABT: Combining compound and isolation movement targeting the core, legs and butt area

Stretch: This 60 minute class is designed to improve your flexibility and mobility, as well as stretch and relieve your muscles

Trampoline: A 30 min cardio workout which will stimulate your lymphatic system and improve balance

Triple 15: A workout which includes upper and lower body, core and cardio in 3x 15 min sessions

Yoga: Yoga helps you cultivate your physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing through breathing, posture movements and meditation

Zumba: Is it a dance party? Is it a workout? No… It’s Zumba! This original classic will get you burning calories to Latin music and dance moves

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