Bayswater Waves

Changing Places

Bayswater Waves is proud to announce that a brand new state-of-the-art Changing Places facility is now available for eligible patrons at Bayswater Waves.

What are Changing Places?
Changing Places is a secure, clean facility for people with disability who need space and assistance to use the bathroom when out and about in the community. Changing Places are locked using the Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) key system. Using this system helps keep the Changing Places network secure, safe and reserved for people who need them.

Who can access a key?
People with disability who need assistance using a toilet or change facility or people using specialised medical appliances who may need additional time, space or privacy for this equipment can access Changing Places. Facilities will be used by:

  • Family, friends and carers of the person/s with disability who assist the person/s with personal care tasks.
  • Paid support workers who have a client/clients that require assistance with personal care tasks.
  • Disability services organisations whose staff accompany clients that require assistance with personal care tasks in the community.
  • The unpaid carers, family or friends of people who require assistance with personal care tasks.
  • Others approved on a case by case basis by the City.

How can I access a key?
Anyone with a WA Companion Card is eligible for a free MLAK key to access Changing Places. If you have a Companion Card and would like to apply for a Changing Places key please contact the National Disability Service.

Phone: 1800 617 337                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Website: 

In the absence of an MLAK key, facility staff can assist those eligible to gain access. Proof of eligibility will need to be provided before access is granted.

Are there other Changing Places around the state?
Yes, there are other accredited Changing Places facilities throughout Western Australia, the MLAK key you have will allow you access to all Changing Places in Western Australia. Please visit the website to find information on other Changing Places facilities.

What facilities are in the Changing Places Change Room?
Included in the Changing Places Facility are:

– A Ropox Shower Bed,
– A Guldmann GH3 Ceiling Hoist (please supply your own sling), and
– A Wall Shower.