About Us!

How to Book?
Our Creche Booking System is in place, allowing you to reserve your child’s spot with just a couple of clicks. You will also receive instant confirmation of your booking. 

It’s quick and easy!

  • Simply go to: https://bayswaterrecreation.yepbooking.com.au/ to view the available Creche days and times across Bayswater Waves and The RISE,
  • Register your details using an email address or Facebook log in,
  • Find the day and time slot you want to book in to, using the tabs near the top of the web-page (eg Bayswater Waves – Creche or The RISE – Creche etc),
  • Click on the highlighted day and time you want to book in to, in either the ‘Under 2 years’ or ‘Over 2 years’ categories,
  • You will be able to see how many spots are still available for each day and time, or if it is full, 
  • Click ‘Book’,
  • If you are booking 2 children in on the same account, click the nominated time again, and press ‘Book’, 
  • Your confirmation will be sent to your email address, and a tick will appear on your nominated time-slot.
  • If you need to view your bookings, simply click on the ‘My Bookings’ link near the top right of the page. This will show you what times you have officially booked.
  • Remember to swipe your card or pay at Reception

What if I need to Cancel?
If you can no longer make it to your booked day and time slot, it is important that you cancel it to give other people the option to use it. Not cancelling your booking may result in you not being able to book future times and days.

  • To cancel, go to: https://bayswaterrecreation.yepbooking.com.au/
  • Click on the ‘My Bookings’ link, located near the top right of the screen,
  • Find the day and time you would like to cancel,
  • On the far right (under the Action heading), simply click on the little bin icon,
  • It will ask if you are sure you want to cancel the booking. Click ‘Yes’,
  • You will be sent an email to confirm your cancellation.

For further assistance, click on our step by step How to Book – Visual Guide.

Here at the City of Bayswater Recreation Facilities, we pride ourselves on our customer service. 

Please see the link below for a copy of our Customer Service Charter

City of Bayswater Recreation Customer Service Charter

We’re pleased to advise that facilities and programs at Bayswater Waves and the RISE are available. 

We are following the State Government mandates regarding all restrictions including the wearing of face masks in our facilities. 

We have not heard if it will be mandatory to show proof of vaccination to enter our facilities as of yet, except for the Gym and Group Fitness Classes from Monday the 31st January 2022, but will keep all customers informed if any further information comes to light.

Registration is required on the Safe WA app, Search WA app or paper record upon arrival to the facilities.

This information is current as of the time of writing this, however the situation can change quickly. Regular updates are posted on our facility Facebook pages, the wa.gov.au website and on this page of the www.bayswaterrecreation.com.au website. 

Stay Safe.

The Team at Bayswater Waves and the RISE



In November 2019, the Prime Minister and the Minister for Veteran’s Affairs and Defence Personnel announced that Australian Defence Force veterans would be able to access special discounts across the nation via the Australia Defence Veterans’ Covenant.

Bayswater Waves and The RISE fully commit their support towards this initiative, to show their recognition and respect to those who have served. 

Eligible Veterans who are issued with a Veteran Card can receive discounts at both Bayswater Waves and The RISE, upon presentation of their card.

Veterans who live within the City of Bayswater catchment area will receive 10% off the Councils adopted fees and charges within our Recreation facilities. Those who are not residents of the City of Bayswater will still receive a 5% discount throughout our two centres.  

Bayswater Waves is proud to announce that brand new state of the art changing place facilities are now available for eligible patrons of the Bayswater Waves Aquatic Facility. 

Customers can purchase an MLAK key from any Master Locksmith by showing one of the following documents that demonstrates proof of eligibility:

  • A copy of your disability parking permit
  • A letter form a disability organization
  • A copy of your disability cared
  • A letter from your Doctor

In the absence of an MLAK key facility staff can assist those eligible to gain access.  Proof of eligibility will need to be provided before access is granted.

The maximum safe working limit (SWL) of this hoist is 180kgs. Do not lift persons with body weight greater than 180kgs.

Off – Hoist is in stand-by mode
Green – Ready for use
Yellow – Low battery/no charge
Yellow & Beeps – Hoist fault. DO NOT USE

Perform a visual safety check of hoist. If damaged DO NOT USE.

Use the hoist hand control to raise/lower the lifting sling hanger (spreader bar) to the required height.
1. Raise     2. Lower

Fit the lifting sling to the person while they are in a seated or lying position.

Attach the sling loops to the lifting hanger. Confirm the slings loops are securely seated within the hanger’s hook before performing a lift.

Confirm that there are no obstruction or restriction that may prevent a safe lift.

Use the hoist hand control to raise/lower and move the person.
1. Raise     2. Lower

Emergency lowering is activated by pulling the red strap once, continuously. Use the emergency lower function in emergencies only.

Reset the emergency function by pressing the yellow reset button.

The maximum safe working limit (SWL) of this hoist is 180kgs. Do not lift persons with body weight greater than 180kgs.

This table must only be used for the purpose for which it was designed. Do not play with the table. Children must not operate the table at any time. Perform a visual safety check of the table. If damaged DO NOT USE. Please report damage or malfunction to facility staff.

Please comply with these instructions each time the table is used.

Take care to release the table from the upright folded position. Pull down firmly. Do not raise/lower the table when it’s in the folded position. Clean the table with a sanitising wipe.

Confirm that there is no obstruction or restriction that may prevent the table from moving safely.

Use the hand control to raise/lower the table to the required height.

Raise the side safety rail when the person has been placed on the table. Swivel side rail into position until the latch ‘clicks’ into position. Test side rail is secure. Safety rail should remain in raised position whenever a person is on the table.


After use, clean the table with antiseptic spray and wipes. Please dispose of paper table cover. Table cushioned slats may be removed for a thorough clean.

Lower the side safety rail after use. To release, press the latch lever upward. Return table to upright ‘stored’ position.