The Benefits Of School Swim Programs

In Perth, we are lucky to be the sunniest capital city in Australia, with a glorious average of 8.8 hours of sunlight per day

With all those hours of sunlight comes our love affair with the outdoors and with the pool; weekends and after school swims in the backyard pool or a trip to the local public pool in Bayswater are just part of life..

However, the act of swimming itself is a skill that many of us take for granted, forgetting that we learned to kick, dive, float and breathe underwater at a young age, often as part of school swimming lessons or maybe through a school holiday swim school program.

Swim School Program at Bayswater Waves

There are a raft of benefits that are associated with children participating in swim school programs – from the health benefits to the priceless lifesaving skills each child learns as part of the program.

At Bayswater Waves, we are firm believers in the importance of learning to swim as part of the Australian culture, for both you and your child’s safety, their health and all the other benefits associated with learning to swim.

We offer infant, pre-school and school age, teenage and adult swimming lessons at our swim school, as well as private and special needs lessons & one on one lessons.


Drowning is a very real risk, especially for young children. In fact, drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death among children in Australia.

With such ready access to pools in our backyards, the most significant benefit of learning to swim is the increased safety of children around water – learning to swim helps children to develop crucial awareness around water and helps them to recognise and respond to situations where they, or their sibling, might be in trouble.

Although enrolling your child in a swim school doesn’t completely remove the threat of drowning, it can help to improve a child’s confidence and awareness if they do get into trouble.

The best way to prevent drowning is still to ensure you child is always supervised, even when they are in a shallow water, such as a blow-up pool.

Health Benefits

We are all about finding ways to keep kids healthy and active, and it just so happens that swimming and swimming lessons are both great ways to improve cardiovascular health, respiratory health, strength and endurance in kids.

Signing up your child to your local swim school is a great way to encourage kids to learn healthy habits and be active. And the best part is you know your child is having fun while doing it!

If that wasn’t enough, it is also worthwhile noting that swimming enhances a child’s balance, coordination and flexibility, which will help them navigate life on dry land too.

Mental Health and Development

Finding ways to help kids deal with stress is so important to their development. Thanks to the rush of endorphins to the brain through exercise, swimming can be a great tool to help children deal with any negative feelings and to relieve any stress they may be experiencing

Swimming has also been shown to help children develop their mind/body connection, which in turn helps to improve intelligence, emotional development and brain development.

Social Benefits

If your child is participating in a swim school program at your local public pool in Bayswater, you’re also helping them to improve their interpersonal skills.

Getting in the pool with people outside of their regular group of friends or classmates can be a valuable tool to help your child to make new friends and meet people of all different cultures.

Swimming lessons through your local swim school may include games to increase socialisation, learn trust and learn how to respect others in the water.

You never know, your child might just meet their lifelong best friend through their swimming lessons at our swim school!

Increased Confidence

A new found sense of confidence around water and the pool goes hand in hand with the safety aspect we discussed earlier.

Feeling less fearful and more confident in their skills is a great way for kids to develop their self-esteem, which in turn helps them to develop positive attitudes and feelings with swimming and other physical activity.

Even better, learning to swim is a skill they can use for life – especially if your child becomes fond of activities such as surfing, kayaking, diving or other water sports as they grow up.

Lifesaving Skills

As we mentioned above, learning to swim can increase your child’s confidence in the water, which may help them to navigate out of a troublesome situation in the pool or at the beach.

Early levels in swim school teach children to enter the water safely, tread water and introduce swimming techniques. As your child progresses, they learn to perform survival backstroke, swim in deep water and swim with correct technique over longer distances.

In later levels, children also learn vital lifesaving skills to save others who may be in distress, such as the basics principles of resuscitation.

Learn to Swim at Your Local Public Pool in Bayswater

In Australia, learning to swim is a priceless and lifelong skill. Plus, exercising in a fun way like swimming can help to create and build the foundations of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We run over 450 comprehensive classes for a range of age groups, designed to cater to every skill level, with a brilliant team of friendly, qualified instructors who just as excited about each class as the kids.

If you are looking for a friendly, welcoming public pool in Bayswater where you can book your child into a swim school, Bayswater Waves is the perfect place for you. Bayswater Waves also offers a health clubcreche and group fitness classes, so you can visit us for more than just swim school classes!

Contact Bayswater Waves today on 9276 6538 for more information on how to enrol your child at the Bayswater Waves Swim School.