The RISE Crèche

We are more than just a Crèche at The RISE!

Our friendly, experienced staff partner with you to help your child learn and grow, while you get the most out of all our centre has to offer. Open 5 mornings a week from Monday to Friday, you’ll have full peace of mind knowing that your child is receiving exceptional care. During School Terms, our staff provide care for children aged between 8 weeks to 5 years old. During School Holidays however, we are able to look after children up to the age of 12 years. 

Advanced bookings are essential as spaces fill fast, so reserve your child’s spot today at https://bayswaterrecreation.yepbooking.com.au/. Step by step instructions can be found in the ‘How to Book or Cancel?’ tab below.

For more information, our Crèche Brochure will tell you everything you need to know about bringing your child to the Crèche at The RISE.

The RISE Crèche Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am-11:30am
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

The RISE Crèche Prices

1 hour
1 Visit: $4.50
10 (+ 1 free) Visit Pass: $45.00

1.5 hours
1 Visit: $5.70
10 (+ 1 free) Visit Pass: $57.00

2 hours
1 Visit: $6.80
10 (+ 1 free) Visit Pass: $68.00





    **Non-Immunized children will be excluded from Crèche during outbreaks of some infectious diseases


    **Please let us know if your child has allergies; anaphylaxis; medical conditions such as ADHD, Epilepsy, Asthma, Autism, regular medication being taken etc.

    Medical Actions Plans or any medical information relating to the individual needs of your child are to be provided by parents. Please discuss this further with Crèche Staff.

    Crèche staff cannot administer medication so if required please administer before attending.



    I agree to photos of my child/children being taken.

    I agree for these to be occasionally displayed in the Crèche.

    I agree for these to be used for advertising.


    I agree to Crèche staff taking my child/children to play within the Waves Outdoor Fenced Play Ground or the Rise Indoor Courts or Library when decided by Crèche Staff.

    ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS OF USE - Parent Responsibilities

    • I accept that I must stay on the premises and within close proximity of the Crèche while my child attends.
    • I understand that if my child is unwell they are not to attend Crèche.
    • I understand that the Parent/Guardian who signs a child in MUST be the same Parent/Guardian to pick up and sign out.
    • I understand that my child is recommended to be immunised before using crèche facilities.
    • Children with Anaphylaxis or Allergies must have the crèche supplied orange wrist band applied by parents before they begin their Crèche session.
    • I understand that I am at all times responsible for my child/children while he/she attends the Crèche.
    • I understand that I must immediately return to the Crèche to attend to my child should I be requested to do so by Crèche staff.
    • I give consent to medical treatment being administered for my child in an emergency.
    • I declare that I will notify the Crèche staff of any changes of my child's circumstances.
    • I accept that although every care will be taken, Crèche Staff are free from all responsibility for accidents or loss of property in connection with any child’s participation.
    • The City of Bayswater reserves the right to exclude child/children from the Crèche for misbehaviour that is deemed inappropriate.
    • The City of Bayswater reserves the right to refuse any child or person entry to the Crèche.
    • I agree to pay all fees and/or charges in full.

    If you’re having difficulties with our online booking enquiry please contact the Creche on 9276 6538 or at rise.creche@bayswater.wa.gov.au

    How to Book?
    Our Creche Booking System is in place, allowing you to reserve your child’s spot with just a couple of clicks. You will also receive instant confirmation of your booking. 

    It’s quick and easy!

    • Simply go to: https://bayswaterrecreation.yepbooking.com.au/ to view the available Creche days and times across Bayswater Waves and The RISE,
    • Register your details using an email address or Facebook log in,
    • Find the day and time slot you want to book in to, using the tabs near the top of the web-page (eg Bayswater Waves – Creche or The RISE – Creche etc),
    • Click on the highlighted day and time you want to book in to, in either the ‘Under 2 years’ or ‘Over 2 years’ categories,
    • You will be able to see how many spots are still available for each day and time, or if it is full, 
    • Click ‘Book’,
    • If you are booking 2 children in on the same account, click the nominated time again, and press ‘Book’, 
    • Your confirmation will be sent to your email address, and a tick will appear on your nominated time-slot.
    • If you need to view your bookings, simply click on the ‘My Bookings’ link near the top right of the page. This will show you what times you have officially booked.
    • Remember to swipe your card or pay at Reception

    What if I need to Cancel?
    If you can no longer make it to your booked day and time slot, it is important that you cancel it to give other people the option to use it. Not cancelling your booking may result in you not being able to book future times and days.

    • To cancel, go to: https://bayswaterrecreation.yepbooking.com.au/
    • Click on the ‘My Bookings’ link, located near the top right of the screen,
    • Find the day and time you would like to cancel,
    • On the far right (under the Action heading), simply click on the little bin icon,
    • It will ask if you are sure you want to cancel the booking. Click ‘Yes’,
    • You will be sent an email to confirm your cancellation.

    For further assistance, click on our step by step How to Book – Visual Guide.

    Mel is the Creche Team Leader.

    She has worked with the City for 6 ½ years.

    Mel enjoys meeting new parents and making them comfortable to leave their children in her care while they have some time to themselves while they are attending a fitness class, gym, swimming or library.

    She has four grown up children of her own and loves nurturing the kiddies in creche. She is in her happy place playing with them, reading them stories and giving them cuddles.



    Maureen has been working for the City of Bayswater for over 18 years.

    Maureen’s Favourite Past Time: Go on leisurely strolls.

    What does Maureen Love Most About Creche: Playing with the children and seeing them develop and enjoy every day they come.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that Maureen is also a Swim Instructor at Bayswater Waves?




    Mina is a casual member of our Creche team.

    She started working with the City of Bayswater in 2017 and enjoys meeting new children and playing games with them.

    Mina is a superstar in craft making and our Creche rooms are filled with her artistic creations.





    Phoebe has been working at the City of Bayswater for 4 years.

    Her favourite past times include catching up with friends, going to the gym and dancing.

    What Phoebe loves most about working in the Creche is being able to see the kids happy and enjoying their time while with us. She loves engaging with the kids and making sure that they have a good time.






    Amber has worked for the City of Bayswater in a number of roles, including the Creche for the past 3 years.

    You may not have seen Amber if you use The RISE during the week, as she usually only works in the Creche at Bayswater Waves on Saturday mornings.

    Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm is a hit with all the children who she loves to play games and dance with.


    Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!