The RISE Health Club

Looking for an all-round health club that provides a customer experience with quality and consistent service that is made complete with a great community feel, then look no further. Our boutique style facility, fully staffed from open to close and boasting an extremely large variety of equipment also offers four free health assessments a year which will guarantee results and provide ongoing guidance from personalised programs to a chat on the floor. Looking for something a little different or need some extra motivation or inspiration? Don’t hesitate to speak to us to find out about our specialised programs or training tips and tricks. We believe in dreaming big, training hard, having fun and becoming the best you can possibly be. 

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The Rise Boutique Health Club is a fully staffed from open to close Facility that boasts the latest equipment in the industry. The wide range of cardio equipment, free weights, functional training stations, strength equipment and stretching areas are all on hand to aid in your health and fitness journey.

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Would you like to join like-minded individuals that are on the same quest for better health! Small group training offers a supportive team environment that is highly motivating and inspiring. If you desire results, want guidance from a qualified instructor and enjoy the motivation of training with others then small group training is for you. Group personal training makes your body slimmer but your wallet fatter with the cost savings split across the group and into your own pocket. 

Balcony Workouts are currently unavailable.

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Wanting advice you can trust or just needing extra motivation to reach your health and fitness goals? Our highly qualified and experienced gym instructors are here to guide you on your health and fitness journey. Whether you want to improve your strength, change your cardiovascular health or stretch your way back into shape our instructors are here to help.

Require more information on how our instructors can help you take the next step? Contact us in the Health Club today or via the link above!

Personal Training! Results, Results, Results

Amongst our team of dedicated trainers there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that will ensure you receive expert guidance that’s completely personalised and tailored to your individual needs and fitness abilities. We understand that life sometimes doesn’t go to plan, often throwing you curve balls that see you making excuses to miss that important gym session or class. We help you to navigate your way through this negative and sabotaging behaviour, to prioritise your training, keeping it consistent and on track to deliver the results you dream of. When you think about quitting we help you to remember why you started. We really do have a trainer for everyone so call us today to ensure tomorrow marks the beginning of your journey towards the new you! 

The RISE and Bayswater Waves are focused on how health and wellness are an important part of everyone’s lives. How we feel physically can have a great effect on our happiness and quality of life.  

This educational page is dedicated to help offer information related to health and fitness, whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey, are sore and injured, in desperate need of some motivation or would like to learn more on how to progress in your current fitness level.

In no way is this information designed to fix ailments or injuries, but to simply offer some education around fitness and exercise. If you have any injuries or concerns, please see your doctor first.

‘I’ve been to the Mum’s and Bub’s fitness classes about 15 times. I’m not a gym person but these classes are great. I like the variety, the trainers motivating spirit and the babies love it too. It gives me the motivation to do more physical activity outside of these classes’ – Charlie

Accelerate your fitness results at The RISE with Small Group Training!! This form of training provides you with a personal training-like experience, at a more affordable rate. Our Small Group Training classes are a focused and tailor-made form of exercise and are perfect for everyone, from beginner to gym junkie!

What are some of the other benefits of our Small Group Training classes?

  • Variety – With the aim of progression in your fitness as the goal, classes regularly differ to avoid hitting plateau and exercise boredom,
  • Friendships – Due to class sizes being capped, friendships help you stay motivated, push your limits and overall enhances your training. Working out alongside other people with the same goals also adds additional support and inspiration to hit your goals,
  • Personal Attention – Trainers are able to focus on your technique, offer support, be aware of your specific goals and tailor programs to get the greatest benefit out of each workout.
  • Stronger Focus – With a trainer right alongside you, you don’t have the chance to slacken off or let your mind wander during each class,
  • Fun – That’s right… exercise and fun can be in the same sentence together! Don’t believe me, come try a class 

For more information about our fantastic Small Group Training classes at The RISE, give us a call on 9208 2400 or click on the class tabs below

Calling all mothers… (and Dad’s welcome too)!!!

  • Would you like to build a stronger bond with bub?
  • Are you finding it hard to get back into shape after having a baby?
  • Are you finding there is almost no more ‘me time’?
  • Looking for a friendly, social network of other mothers?

Then our Mum’s and Bubs fitness class is for you!

This six week program is specifically designed to help target the muscles weakened by childbirth, including the pelvic floor, core, and glutes. It also encourages an increase in energy, an opportunity to socialise with other mums (and dads) and is a great way to increase bonding time with your child. 

Our Mum’s and Bubs program includes: 2x 30min groups sessions a week, as well as 1x one-on-one personal training session, allowing our trainers to assist where you need help the most!

Spaces are limited. For more information or to sign up for Mums & Bubs, give us a call on 9208 2400 or come see us in The RISE Health Club

Trainers – Kim and Taylah

  • Are you lacking energy and motivation?
  • Are you sitting down most of the day at work?
  • Does your body just feel out of whack?
  • Are you tired of having aches and pains?
  • Are you sick of having a sore back, hips, knees or ankles

Then let us correct what’s holding you back with FMS training!

But what is FMS?

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) is a form of training that encourages your whole body to work together as a single unit. It mirrors how humans are supposed to move by building the strength, stability and mobility you need to perform in your daily life. FMS training helps to focus on the areas of weakness in your body, to maximise your physical output and minimise your risk of injury. It gives you the edge to achieve your goals safely, using proper techniques and with good health.

FMS training uses re-patterning exercises to activate your brain and nervous system. This enhances the proper motor and sensory stimuli it needs to take control of your daily body movements. Regardless of your fitness goals, abilities, or limitations, FMS training should be a part of every exercise routine. You plan to live a long, healthy life, so start preparing your body for the journey now.

Who needs FMS Training?

FMS is important for all people who value their fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. FMS training is vital in restoring your body’s balance by realigning stiff, tight and sore muscles.
For example, if you are in a job that requires you to sit for hours on end, you may notice you are getting a sore neck, back, shoulders or hips. FMS helps eliminate these ailments along with any other dysfunctions.

FMS helps active people understand their body more and focus on how to use their energy effectively, and is also perfect for our aging population, as the training of daily movements helps increase balance, strength and confidence in their body.

Spaces are limited. For more information or to sign up for Mums & Bubs, give us a call on 9208 2400 or come see us in The RISE Health Club

Trainer – Steve

Are you looking for a class that will help you see fast paced results in only 1 month?

Then Fit & Furious is the perfect class for you!

For only $99, this incredibly effective 4 week program allows you to attend up to 10 classes a week! That works out to less than $2.50 per class!

Spaces are limited.

For more information or to sign up for Fit & Furious, give us a call on 9208 24008 or come see us in The RISE Health Club. These classes are also held at Bayswater Waves (9276 6538)

Does your office job give you:

  • Neck pain,
  • Back pain, 
  • Shoulder pain, 
  • Sore hips, or
  • Causing your belly to bulge?

Then feel like new again with Deskfit!

Classes held: 

  • Mondays – 5:30pm, and
  • Thursday 5:30pm

Spaces are limited.

For more information or to sign up for Deskfit, give us a call on 9208 2400 or come see us in The RISE Health Club. These classes are also held at Bayswater Waves (9276 6538)

Trainer – Joel