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Health Club

Our Health Club features state of the art equipment and a welcoming atmosphere which caters to all fitness levels.

Whether it’s cardio, strength or something in between, our helpful staff will be available from open to close to answer any questions you may have, along with providing specialised fitness and training advice which caters to you.

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Are you looking for fitness advice that you can trust? Are you unsure how to use certain pieces of strength or cardio equipment? Do you need some extra motivation to reach your workout goals?

At Morley Sports and Recreation Centre, our highly qualified and experienced Gym Instructors are here to guide you on your health and fitness journey.

So whether you want to build your strength, improve your cardio health or stretch your way back into shape, our Gym Instructors are here to help.

If you would like more information on how we can help you while at Morley Sports and Recreation Centre, give us a call on (08) 9375 3529 or come see us at the gym desk today!

Personal Trainer

At Morley Sports and Recreation Centre, we have a small team of experienced, dedicated trainers who love nothing more than seeing you hit your health and fitness goals.

Our trainers each have a wealth of experience in motivating and getting results from people with all fitness levels… and excuses. When you think about quitting, we help you to remember why you started. They are also amazing at taking peoples growth and goals to another level! If you’ve noticed that your results are plateauing, come in and see how our trainers help.

You will receive expert guidance as each Personal Training session is personalised specifically to you and your desired results.

We really do have a trainer for everyone, so call us now, or come see us at the gym desk at Morley Sports and Recreation Centre, to ensure that today marks the beginning of your journey towards a new and improved you!

Fitness Appraisals & Personalised Programs

Never been to a gym before? Lacking motivation? Not seeing the results you’re after? Need help with your fitness goals for a specific upcoming event? Then you’re in the right place!

The Gym staff at Morley Sports and Recreation Centre are here to help get you started, push your limits or help you achieve your health and fitness desires.

Our friendly, experienced gym instructors will take you through a thorough appraisal, listen to what you are hoping to achieve and tailor a specialised program based on your personal goals.

Following the appraisal, your gym instructor will guide you step-by-step through your first workout to ensure you feel confident and comfortable with it.

There are really no silly questions when you’re with us in the gym at Morley Sports and Recreation Centre. With staff on the gym floor who are their to help you, simply go and have a chat with them if you have questions about your program or are looking for other tips or tricks to add to your workout. To keep you progressing with your goals, your 12 month membership allows you to have up to 4x free appraisals and personalised programs each year.

Please note: Full disclosure of any pre-existing conditions or injuries are required before undertaking any new fitness program. A medical maybe required based on the information provided.

Our Small Group Training classes at Morley Sports and Recreation Centre are small in size but big in motivation and results.

These supportive, inspiring classes are perfect for everyone, from beginner to gym junkie, and will help you receive maximum results in the areas you desire.

The cost of these classes are split across the participants, making it easier for you to increase your health and fitness at a more affordable rate.

What are some of the other benefits of our Small Group Training classes?

  • Variety – With the aim of progression in your fitness as the goal, classes regularly differ to avoid hitting plateau and exercise boredom,
  • Friendships – Due to class sizes being capped, friendships help you stay motivated, push your limits and overall enhances your training. Working out alongside other people with the same goals also adds additional support and inspiration to hit your goals,
  • Personal Attention – Trainers are able to focus on your technique, offer support, be aware of your specific goals and tailor programs to get the greatest benefit out of each workout.
  • Stronger Focus – With a trainer right alongside you, you don’t have the chance to slacken off or let your mind wander during each class,
  • Fun – That’s right… exercise and fun can be in the same sentence together! Don’t believe me, come try a class

With new classes being run all the time, give us a call on (08) 9375 3529 or come visit us behind the gym desk at Morley Sports and Recreation Centre to book in today!

Visit our Gym in-centre, or contact us on 08 9375 3529 or to tailor our membership options to suit your goals!

For guidance to the general pricing of our memberships please view our 2024/25 Fees and Charges.