What Is It Like To Live In Bayswater, Perth?

Have you had a chance to visit one of Perth’s friendliest and most active suburbs yet? The City of Bayswater is located a mere 7km from Perth’s CBD, offering close proximity to the hustle and bustle of the city while being far enough removed to offer the peace and quiet many families and individuals seek for a happy lifestyle.

Couples, singles, and families alike have started to flock to the area to enjoy its charming atmosphere and extensive variety of amenities, while still being close enough to pop into the city whenever there is a need. There is absolutely something here to suit every lifestyle, as the Bayswater facilities are unrivalled!

Curious about what it’s like to live here? Let’s dive into some history of the area first to see how the very first locals lived.

A Bit of History on the City of Bayswater

The Wadjuk Noongar are the traditional custodians of Bayswater and have lived in the area for thousands of years; it’s actually believed to one of the oldest lands on earth. Fascinatingly, the remains of a campsite that were found along the nearby Upper Swan River were thought to be between 40,000 and 53,000 years old.

The Noongar people were primarily nomadic hunter-gatherers, moving seasonally to follow the available food sources throughout the year. The Swan River, which meanders peacefully alongside the City of Bayswater, holds a special cultural significance for the Noongar people. They believed that a snake line being called the Wagyl wandered over the lands, creating the rivers.

European exploration in the area first occurred in 1697 by Dutch explorer Willem de Vlamingh, followed by the French and the English. It was the English who decided to establish the Swan River Colony after James Stirling reported that the area was abundant and fertile. The establishment of this colony and the division of land along the river would shape the later suburban development that modern-day Bayswater is now seeing.

It was the end of World War II that brought a boom in growth to the area, with the population more than doubling in size thanks to the convenient location near Perth. Shopping and commercial areas started to be established throughout the 1950’s and 60’s, and the area has continued to grow ever since. The council has done an excellent job of establishing landscaped parks, recreation facilities, nursing homes and residential areas, golf courses, and a variety of other services.

What do Residents Love about Bayswater?

Bayswater is conveniently serviced by rail, making it an easy commute for those who work in the city centre. Bus and train stops are conveniently located, and it takes only 10 minutes to get into the city.

The quality and proximity of modern shopping centres make it easy to live a comfortable lifestyle with all the amenities you might need. Sporting facilities are abundant, and Bayswater is proud to host the only Wave Pool in WA! The Bayswater Recreation facilities that house the wave pool also provide training pools, a fully equipped gym, fitness classes, childcare, and a coffee shop.

The RISE Health Club is the perfect place to get your sweat on, any time of the year, and provides various community events to foster a sense of unity. There are also nearby golf courses, tennis courts, skate parks, and sporting fields. It’s easy to stay fit and active here, as you’re surrounded by likeminded people who love being outside as much as you do.

Families delight in the fact that the education system here is top-notch. There are both state and private pre-primary, primary, and secondary schools, as well as further education institutions. It’s also a safe place to raise a family, and many enjoy the quiet and peace of the residential streets. You can bike along the water, have a BBQ on a hot summer’s evening on one of the public parks, or grab an ice cream with the little ones and stroll along the side streets. It’s the ideal place to raise a family.

Or, if you’re single and ready to mingle or just love hitting the town, you’ll find yourself among friends who are also ready to enjoy a vibrant nightlife. You have easy access to the lights and action of the nearby CBD, but you can also find fun and camaraderie in the local restaurants and bars nearby. Foodies delight in the variety of good eats available to the discerning palate, with everything from Italian to Japanese to Cambodian cuisine nearby. Because it’s a relatively small suburb, you’re able to get to know the barista at your favourite corner coffee shop. Stop by for a flat white or long black and catch up on the latest news with your neighbours and new friends. You can’t beat Sherbert Cafe and Bake Shop for a sweet treat to accompany your java kick at the start of the day or wind down on a lazy afternoon.

The City of Bayswater is also committed to the environment and sustainability. With a variety of natural places that are well-maintained and preserved, there’s no shortage of spaces to wander to reconnect with nature. The Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary is a local favourite; native birds can be seen enjoying the swamplands and you can spot egrets, grey teals, purple swam hens, and even black swans. There’s also local lakes, wetlands, and bushlands to explore.

And perhaps best of all, the community support available to you as a resident of Bayswater is unrivalled. People smile when you walk down the street. Neighbours help you out. The City Council hosts free webinars and courses to help residents learn new information and skills. The library hosts a range of activities for kids and seniors. The art and music culture is well-supported here as well, and you can visit the Halliday House museum if you’d like a more tangible dose of the city’s history.

If you’re looking to move out this way, whether to own or rent, you’ll find that the price of housing is very reasonable for being this close to the city. With all of the facilities available to you in Bayswater, it’s one of the most welcoming and exciting suburbs to call home.