Terms & Conditions

By enrolling my child/children in The RISE School Holiday Clinics, I agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. Enrolment is not confirmed until payment of the full registration fee.
2. In the case of my child/children participating in 2 classes on the same day with a break in between I will arrange my own supervision for my child/children during this time and not hold The RISE responsible to supervise my child/children.
3. Parent/guardians must be present to sign in their child/children at the commencement of each class and sign out their child/children at the conclusion of each class. If I cannot be present for sign in/out, I have named a person to do this in my place and give permission for The RISE staff to release my child/children into this person’s care.
4. It is the parent/guardians responsibility for informing The RISE staff in detail of any medical conditions that may affect my child/children’s participation in the activity.
5. In the event of an accident or illness suffered by my child/children, the organisers of The RISE clinics are authorised to obtain on my behalf, such medical assistance that my child may require and I agree to reimburse the organisers for any expense incurred.
6. The RISE, its staff and volunteers will take all reasonable care of my child/children and will not be held responsible for any damage and/or loss of property and/or accident.
7. The RISE reserves the right to suspend or expel children from its programs for behaviour that is deemed inappropriate.
8. Full payment must be received at time of enrolment.
9. This enrolment is only valid for The RISE April 2023 Holiday Clinics.
10. If a child does not attend the specified Holiday Clinic the purchase will be forfeited and is not transferable into future programs at The RISE. A written request for refund may be submitted and must include any supporting evidence (e.g. Medical Certificate). Approval is at the discretion of management.