Why a Rec Centre Gym is Better Than Your Average Gym

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We’re a few months in to 2020, but it’s not too late to get started – or continue – those infamous New Years resolutions to be healthier this year!

You may have had gym memberships before, but realised you couldn’t commit to going regularly enough and cancelled.

Or you may be one of the countless Australians who pays for a gym membership they don’t use! In fact, research found that Australians were wasting nearly two billion dollars a year on gym memberships they weren’t using.


Rec Centre vs Gym

If the traditional gym set up is the reason you can’t commit to a regular work out schedule, we suggest checking out your local Perth recreation centre to help you fulfil your health and fitness goals.

But what makes a rec centre better than your average gym? Aren’t they all the same, we hear you ask?

Check out some of the awesome benefits of your local Perth recreation centre below!


The Pool

Perth recreation centres generally have a pool or pools as part of the complex, giving you real value for money with your membership. Plus, rec centre pools offer the benefits of having access to a pool without needing to clean and maintain it for yourself!

Exercising in the pool is a great way to build respiratory and cardiovascular fitness in a low impact setting. You can go at your own pace by doing laps in the lanes of the pool, or you could join in on some group fitness classes in the water.

If you haven’t learned to swim before, your local Perth recreation centre likely has that covered too. Many Perth recreation centres also have their own swim school so that you can learn water awareness, basic swimming strokes and even work your way up to obtaining your Bronze Medallion.


Aquatics at Bayswater Waves

At Bayswater Waves, we are Perth’s premier indoor aquatic playground! Our members and visitors can enjoy use of our heated pools and Perth’s only Wave Pool. Our pools are heated year-round, so you can keep up your fitness even when it’s winter!

Members and visitors have access to:

  • 25m indoor pool;
  • 50m outdoor pool;
  • Wave Pool with slide;
  • hydrotherapy pool; and
  • toddler pool

As part of our aquatic services, we also run Aqua Fitness classes, which are low-to-no impact fitness classes that are designed for a variety of age groups and fitness levels. 

We also offer a spa, steam room and sauna to give you more benefits with your rec centre membership.


Group Fitness Classes

We touched on the aquatic group fitness classes that we offer at Bayswater Waves, but another benefit of being a member of a Perth recreation centre is the access to various group fitness classes.

Whether you are a gym newbie, you find more motivation in group situations or you just enjoy the fun of working out with friends and other likeminded people, group fitness classes are a great way to stay fit.

Group fitness classes are generally offered for a wide range of age groups and fitness styles, from yoga to Les Mills Body Pump, boxing to Zumba, so you will never get bored of the same monotonous workout routine or feel lost by trying to pull together your own workout.

Plus, with a Perth recreation centre that offers a range of fitness classes, you can give new fitness styles a go without the fear of being ‘locked in’ – so if you couldn’t find your groove in Zumba but loved the fast pace of Metafit, you could book in purely for HIIT-style classes in the future.


At Bayswater Waves, we offer capped class sizes, which provides a personal training-like experience and allows you to try out a number of different fitness styles at an affordable rate.


Personal Training

Much like group fitness classes, a personal trainer can be a great way to keep motivated, learn new fitness styles and find your mojo in the gym if you are new to working out.

Personal trainers have a wealth of knowledge to draw from; they are there to provide expert guidance that is personalised to your fitness abilities and goals.

By opting to work out with a personal trainer, you can see benefits in the following areas:

  • Form: Both newbies and seasoned gym goers are at risk of injury due to incorrect form while exercising. A personal trainer can correct your form to prevent injury, as well as offer alternative exercises if you can’t perform an exercise due to an existing injury.
  • Confidence: As you continue to work out and see an improvement in each workout, your overall confidence in a gym setting will soar! This might mean you try out a new exercise or down the track, opt to continue on at the gym on your own, using the exercises and information taught to you by your personal trainer.
  • Motivation: Losing motivation at the gym can be a major reason people hand in their memberships or stop showing up. Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep you accountable and motivated to go to the gym, even when you’re feeling off.
  • Goal Setting: Setting a goal at the gym isn’t always about fat loss, you could set a goal to deadlift 100kg or bench press 50kg. Maybe your goal is to be able to do 10 push ups on your toes without stopping! No matter how small or big your goal is, a personal trainer will work with you to help you achieve it.


The Crèche

As a parent, trying to find alone time can be tough, especially if each trip to the gym involves having to organise a babysitter for the 30-60 minutes of time you have to workout. On the other hand, finding gyms with a crèche can seem impossible too – that is, until you discover that many Perth recreation centres offer crèche facilities!

At Bayswater Waves, our crèche offers a safe, fun environment for children between 8 weeks to 5 years throughout the school term, and 8 weeks to 12 years during school holidays.

That means you have peace of mind that your child or children are in the best of care while you take some time for yourself in the pool, workout in a group fitness class or get put through your paces with a personal trainer.


The Benefits of Working Out as a Parent

Other than the obvious health benefits of getting the chance to go to the gym – including increased energy, reduced stress and a healthier lifestyle – there are social and mental benefits to getting that time to yourself too.


Check Out Your Local Perth Recreation Centre at Bayswater Waves

Now is the time to stop looking for gyms with a creche or a gym that suits your needs, and start enjoying all the benefits of your local Perth recreation centre: Bayswater Waves.

We are much more than just Perth’s premier indoor aquatic playground – Bayswater Waves is your place to live a healthy lifestyle, meet new people, improve your fitness and most importantly, have fun!

Contact our team at Bayswater Waves today on 9276 6538 to find out about our various membership options.

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