Members Only ‘Fitness-based Chase the Ace’

Your favourite social club and pub game is coming to Bayswater Waves – with a fitness-based difference!!

Every week, members will be selected at random to choose a card from a regular playing deck. If you pick an Ace, you instantly win a prize… however, if you select a card other than the Ace, you will need to complete the exercises attached to that card instead **Workout buddies are encouraged to help you complete the exercise**

Once you or your workout team completes the exercise, you will receive a raffle ticket to go into the draw to win a prize at the end of the challenge

But be warned, if you select the Joker, you will find a series of exercises that must be completed. On the flip side, the completion of these exercise triples your chance of winning a prize, as you will receive 3 raffle tickets in the final prize draw

Prizes include:
Free Months on your Membership,
Personal Training Packages,
Platinum Membership Upgrades,
MyZone Belts, & more

For more information, simply have a chat to one of our friendly gym staff next time you’re at Bayswater Waves