Bayswater Waves will be undergoing significant refurbishments beginning 12 July 2021 that are expected to run for the remainder of 2021.

This is an exciting time for both our staff and the Community as we continue our efforts in providing a great facility and experience to all. 

The refurbishments will include the following major works:

  • Refurbishment of the 25m pool, surrounding concourse and grandstand,
  • Refurbishment of the outdoor change rooms,
  • Conversion of two of the hydrotherapy disabled/family change rooms to create one universally accessible change facility with a change bed and hoist,
  • Installation of a path to an emergency exit of the gym to be prepared for future renovations of the foyer area.

These works will have an effect on the usability of the facility for the duration of the project with the following areas/equipment being out of service:

  • The 25m pool and surrounds will be closed for the duration of the project,
  • The three hydrotherapy disabled/family and outdoor change rooms will be closed for a portion of the time (Estimated dates to be confirmed),
  • There will be reduced access to the car park during some of the upgrades,
  • There will be construction noise at various points during the refurbishment. Noise mitigation tools will be utilised as often as is practicable.

For more information about the refurbishment, give us a call on 9276 6538 or come visit us in centre.