Author: Sam Cochrane

10 Reasons Why Team Sport is the Best Sport

  There’s no greater feeling than getting out on the court or field with your teammates to play social sports.   In our sport-obsessed country, most kids grow up playing

The 5 Benefits of Swimming for Children

  Swimming is an iconic part of Australian culture.   As an island country with a warm climate, we are lucky enough to have beautiful beaches nearby to enjoy. And

Hold Your Next Function at The Rise

The RISE is a Community Hub in Maylands that has been designed to be used by you! RISE stands for Recreation, Information, Social and Entertainment, and it really captures the

Group Fitness Classes for Motivation

We’ve all been there – you know, when you meant to go on that run after work but you were way too tired, so you opted for sunset drinks on

Keeping Fit In Winter with Our Gym

  It’s that time of the year again where we’re struggling with the motivation to work out now that winter chill has set in. With the warmth of summer long

What is it Like to Live in Bayswater, Perth?

Have you had a chance to visit one of Perth’s friendliest and most active suburbs yet? The City of Bayswater is located a mere 7km from Perth’s CBD, offering close

Bayswater Recreation Reopened Monday, May 18th!

We have some very exciting news to share! Thanks to the diligence and solidarity of WA and the introduction of phase 2 of the roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions, our

The Benefits of School Swim Programs

In Perth, we are lucky to be the sunniest capital city in Australia, with a glorious average of 8.8 hours of sunlight per day With all those hours of sunlight